Monday, 22 September 2014

Can people change?

People never change.I have always been told that people never change and it has been my life moto when my friends have relationship issues and can't decide if they should stay in a dire relationship with a guy that doesn't treat them right. I think its time I swallow my pride and admit that I could be wrong - Here's why.

I have changed, a lot. I am calmer, I am nicer, I am less judgemental and I honestly don't know why or how this happened. I didn't wake up one day and become a Saint and I am still not a Saint but I can tell you - I like the new person I have become. Have you ever met someone and wished you could be like them? Wished you could be so calm and so nice to other people? You can. It starts now.

Exactly one year ago I told myself that I would do things for me and save money to travel the world and stop doing things to please everyone around me. But I didn't do that, I was too busy going out wasting money on utterly pointless things - mostly alcohol or stuff. Stuff that I didn't need, stuff that just sat in my room doing nothing. Until the day I decided it all needed to go.
I used to think I enjoyed standing in clubs with my friends getting as drunk as we possibly could and essentially making fools of ourselves; maybe I did but I never felt that sense of fulfilment that I feel now. I can't remember the last time I did something that I didn't want to do or the last time I went to a club and drunk copious amounts of alcohol.

Instead now - my days are filled with pushing myself to learn new things, I have visited more museums in the last month than I think I ever have before. The feeling I get from visiting a museum or an exhibition gives me a buzz - I've learned something new - I have new knowledge about a subject I knew nothing about previously. I write draft posts, ideas and previously published posts for my blog and I set myself goals each week of how many page views I would love to get. Although I have no subscribers or followers for my Blog - I am enjoying writing and hope that there will be people in the future that enjoy reading what I write about.
I spend more time than ever with my family as previously mentioned in another post, and this is so much more fulfilling that spending time with people that will never understand me.

A little bit about me.. 

During my school years I felt that being popular was the most important part of school - as long a everybody knew my name I was happy. I was never the most popular kid at school but I think I was quite high up there with a name that people knew. I remember thinking that I would never want to be one of the quiet ones that do their work on time and get top grades - I would always rather have been a middle ground - clever but popular. I was never stupid by any means but I never fulfilled my full potential and I had other things to concentrate on beside my work. 

Being a teenager is a constant battle to fit in and to fit in you had to put yourself at the top of the chain, and to be at the top of the chain you had to belittle the people around you. I know I was a bully - not all the time but majority of the time I probably belittled somebody in my class - which looking back now is awful and rather cowardly of me. I should have worked with these people and learned from them - not pushed them down in to a world where they did not want to go to school. The bottom line is - I wasn't a very nice person and I always found a way to make someone scared of me -  but in reality I'm softer that your bathroom baby powder.

You see, I think people really can change, maybe its called growing up and becoming the person you want to be. I have changed so much for the better and I really enjoy the life I have.

Although my friends would say that I am boring now because I don't want to go out drinking every weekend or go clubbing, but they don't realise that I have changed and I am happy. My dreams are almost in the palm of my hand and I won't let them go - my dream of travelling may be the main reason that I have changed or maybe I am fed up with small talk all of the time. I know there is more to life than the small town I live in - there is more to life than the four friends I have.

I think we all spend too much time worrying about being lonely but it actually prevents us from enjoying the life we want to live and being the person we want to be. There is so much pressure from the people around us to be what they want us to be and it is hard to change the person we are and hard to adapt but if changing means you'll be a happier person then you should try. There is more to life than clubs and alcohol - there is a whole world out there - go and enjoy it.

Be yourself, it can make you much happier. See the world through somebody else's eyes and learn as much as you can. Change for the better.

See the world through someone else's eyes. 

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